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LaFerry’s has been providing quality propane services since 1955. Now a third-generation family business, LaFerry’s has grown to eight locations in Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas. Alan and Angela credit their success to the level of service they provide their customers.

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We know how to help local businesses, because we’re a local business. Locally and family owned, we understand the market like only someone who lives here can. We’re your neighbors, and we’re here to help, with everything your business needs to grow.

“Providing friendly, honest, dependable service comes naturally to a family-owned business like ours. After all, it’s our name and reputation on the line every day. Maybe that’s why we’ve always gotten that same family-owned personal service from Mabrey Bank. Sure, they handle all our personal and business banking, but they always go beyond that. For them, it’s a relationship, not a business transaction.

Mabrey is invested in our success. They care about it and they contribute to it. We bounce ideas off them and run opportunities by them all the time. They’re always happy to advise and be another set of eyes. Whether it’s a new location for our propane business or a different opportunity like rental houses, tractor sales, a marina … you name it, they’ve helped us with it. They’ve even stood by us in the not-so-good years, presenting alternatives for cash-flow challenges to help our business push through.

We’ve never shopped around for another bank, and we’ve never considered switching when other banks have come knocking. Why would we? We’ll stick with the people who have taken care of us and proven they care about our success. That’s why we tell everyone MY BANK IS MABREY.

Alan & Angela LaFerry
Owners, LaFerry’s Propane

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